Global warming not to blame for mass starvation of sea lion pups, says NOAA

Author: Thomas Richard, on 18 Mar 2015

Yesterday it was reported that sea lion pups along the California coast are literally starving to death. According to scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), global warming has nothing to do with it. It's all part of an El Niño weather pattern that's wreaking havoc on the food chain supply. sick sea lion

NOAA released figures yesterday showing that since January 1, "more than 1,800 starving sea lion pups have washed up on California beaches since Jan. 1 and 750 are being treated" in marine mammal care centers across the state.

Scientists at NOAA believe the crisis hasn't reached its peak and expect more sea lions to show up on beaches for at least two more months. Meanwhile, thousands of adult maleCalifornia sea lions are "surging into the Pacific Northwest, crowding onto docks and jetties in coastal communities."

According to NOAA, the "Channel Islands rookeries where nearly all California sea lions raise their young sit in the middle of the warm expanse. Female sea lions have strong ties to the rookeries. They take foraging trips of a few days at a time before returning to the rookeries to nurse their pups."

But this warm expanse has risen from 2 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit (when compared to the long-term average), which is not an ideal environment for the sea lion's diet: fish and squid,including "salmon, hake, Pacific whiting, anchovy, herring, rockfish, lamprey, dogfish, and market squid." Sea lions will even eat clams.

It's believed their food source is moving north to cooler waters, forcing the mothers to abandon their pups as they travel further away from the nurseries in search of food, sometimes for over a week. As a result, "the pups aren't eating as much or as frequently and they are weaning themselves early out of desperation and striking out on their own even though they are underweight and can't hunt properly."

NOAA says that a particularly strong weather pattern known as El Niño is to blame, not climate change.


What is Happening with Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide?

Author: Bevan Dockery, Geophysicist on 17 Mar 2015

Proof as to what has happened in the Earth’s atmosphere is sitting in the records of the World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases. From those verified numbers we can contrast and compare what carbon dioxide (CO2) is actually doing in the atmosphere as opposed to what we are often told by government climate scientists. climate wdc

There are 368 locations on the web site for the World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases which each contain files of past atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Taken together with 36 years of satellite temperature measurements these give us a clear insight into what has actually been happening in the Earth’s atmosphere. 
Linear regression analysis applied to the historic data has revealed that both the monthly and annual changes in each of the CO2 concentration and the satellite lower tropospheric temperature generate insignificant correlation coefficients with a high probability that the coefficients are zero. An example is the Scripps Institute data from the Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii [1]. 
The data shows two very clear and inescapable facts:
(1) The correlation between the monthly CO2 change and the monthly temperature change was 0.02 with 64% probability that the value could be zero. 
(2) The correlation between the annual CO2 change and the annual temperature change was 0.11 with 2% probability that the value could be zero. 

Was Vanuatu Cyclone Caused by Climate Change?

Author: Dr Klaus L.E. Kaiser on 17 Mar 2015

Media hype calls the latest cyclone to hit Pacific island of Vanuatu “worst in history.” But actual scientific evidence shows cyclones have not increased in energy nor is there any evidence of a higher frequency.cyclone vanuatu

The Pacific Ocean is a very large body of water, stretching thousands of miles between the Asian and American continents, and even more miles between Antarctica and the Arctic region. Despite what you see in typical tourist information brochures, it’s not all sand, sunshine, and calm seas.

Across the world, in London, England, The Telegraph reported “Cyclone Pam: Dozens feared dead in Vanuatu in ‘one of worst storms in Pacific history” and “Cyclone Pam: aid workers describe ‘utter devastation’ in Vanuatu” with the picture below and the caption “Local residents walk past debris as a wave breaks nearby in Port Vila, Vanuatu Photo: UNICEF Pacific/ Reuters.”

Looking at the photograph though, I wonder about the media claims of “destruction.” Certainly, neither the young lady nor the man shown in the picture seem to fear for their lives. Rather, it appears to be an “interesting” natural event, worthwhile to watch.


Prof. Murry Salby presents Control of Atmospheric CO2

Author: PSI staff on 14 Mar 2015

Eminent climate expert, Professor Murry Salby, in the wake of his highly-successful visit to Britain in 2014, returns once again to present his latest exposure of the shoddy science of mainstream climate research.  This important event takes place in London, England on March 17th and entrance is free to all. prof salby

With his presentation, ‘Control of Atmospheric CO2’ Salby’s new research applies observed changes of climate and atmospheric tracers to resolve the budget of atmospheric carbon dioxide – an issue misrepresented by many government climate researchers in their eagerness to provide policymakers with ‘proof’ of dangerous climate change.

Professor Salby’s riveting presentation shows clearly to fellow scientists and lay persons that the mechanisms behind the evolution of CO2, including its increase during the 20th century, do not correlate with expectations of man-made global warming.

Dr. Murry Salby, professor and Climate Chair at Macquarie University, Australia, debunks the popular myth that man-made CO2 controls global temperature. Dr. Murry proves from observations the opposite is true: natural changes in global temperature instead control CO2 levels and that man-made emissions do not control either atmospheric CO2 or the climate. 


The Crime, Grime, and CO2

Author: Dr Klaus L.E. Kaiser on 13 Mar 2015

How many more skeletons are buried in the mud? Just look at the latest find at the shore of the Thames River in England. (See photo right) river skeleton

What message does this macabre scene convey to you? Obviously something sinister; perhaps it’s evidence of a past accident or even a crime? What’s your first impression?

First Impressions

First impressions are said to be important. Many people go entirely by them; the first impression makes or breaks the connection to the opposite, for good or for bad. Whether you look at a piece of art, watch a play, or meet someone for the first time in your life, your first impression is likely to be re-enforced and substantiated in your mind with later observations.

Well, have another look at the picture - your first impression may need revision, after all. Aren’t the ”leg bones” a bit “skinny,” don’t the “breast bones” look more like rope and isn’t the “skull” rather small? Of course, the answers to these questions are all YES. This is not a picture of a human skeleton at all, just some pipes, rope and a round object.

I think that some clever artist tried to put us on and he/she nearly succeeded! It helps to show that with some grime you can easily create a scene of crime. The question then becomes: what can we learn from that? My first answer is: look past the grime and think china or porcelain.


Alarmist Phytoplankton Decline Exposed as Sampling Bias: Rising CO2 intensifies blooms

Author: Myles, PSI Researcher & John O'Sullivan on 13 Mar 2015

Climate scientists have alleged Phytoplankton decline had hit an astonishing 40 percent. Media hype was built up around the claims of researcher, Daniel Boyce and friends who released a paper seemingly proving a decline over a century long measurement set of chlorophyll levels in the oceans. The paper appeared in Nature. Yet in the very same edition of the journal another study had made contradictory claims. So guess which story the mainstream media ran with?phytoplankton

Boyce's sensational scientific claims took centre stage - it supported the monotnous global warming narrative still popular in mainstream media.

More or less chlorophyll serves as an indicator of the amount of photosynthesis from phytoplankton that is occurring in bodies of water. In samples chlorophyll being produced during photosynthesis. The alarmist authors assert their findings help prove “global warming.”

The paper titled “Global phytoplankton decline over the past century” is being further contradicted as evidence mounts that it is a hyped scientific scare story from Boyce which runs counter to oceanographic scientific consensus. So let's look at the facts:

The researchers state...

  "These fluctuations are strongly correlated with basin-scale climate indices, whereas long-term declining trends are related to increasing sea surface temperatures." (Nature; Volume 466)

Contrary Peer-reviewed Study Indicates Sampling Bias

Meanwhile, in another research paper in Nature (Volume 472) titled “A measured look at ocean chlorophyll trends” the authors find that the alleged one percent a year decline alleged by Boyce in phytoplankton biomass over four decades has not occurred. Authors dispute Boyce's key finding stating that:

Our results indicate that much, if not all, of the century-long decline reported by Boyce et al.1 is attributable to this temporal sampling bias and not to a global decrease in phytoplankton biomass.”


The Last Battle of Climate Alarmism?

Author: Dr Vincent Gray on 11 Mar 2015

The Environmentalist religious dogma that humans are destroying the earth has spawned many scams. Its most ambitious project, veritably a Superscam has been the claim that the climate is controlled by human emissions of so-called greenhouse gases. the end

These cause global warming which will ultimately destroy us unless we cease using 'fossil fuels.' The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up in 1988 in order to supply scientific evidence to support this scam.

It was realised from the start that the task was impossible.

The earth does not have a temperature and there is no way that a scientifically acceptable average temperature can currently be derived. it is not possible to know whether the earth is warming or cooling, Then, the climate is constantly changing. No part is ever in equilibrium.

The trace gases in the atmosphere are not well mixed and their concentrations change constantly in every place. It is not possible to derive an average concentration for any of them. Then, the science of the study of the climate, built up over many centuries as the discipline of meteorology, has officially established weather forecasting services in most countries. These services now measure many climate properties with a variety of instruments, including satellites.

The measurements are used in the most up to date computer models based on currently accepted physics, thermodynamics and statistics. They provide the only scientifically valid daily forecasts of future weather for every part of the earth.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide measurement has not proved to be useful and they do not even bother to measure it. It is simply not possible to overcome these difficulties with honest science, It has therefore been necessary to employ fraud, dishonesty, distortion fabrication, massive public relations, and enormous sums of money.

Jim Hansen of the Goddard Institute of Space Studies in New York provided a pseudo global temperature technique that has proved useful to the scammers. He admits that there is no such thing as an absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT : He calls it elusive) Meteorologists know it is impossible to measure a plausible average surface air temperature. Instead they record a daily maximum and minimum in a protected screen at their weather stations. Today they often also measure at different intervals as well.

These are a useful guide to temperature conditions.

Hansen and Lebedeff 1987 decided to ignore what Hansen had said was impossible. They assigned a constant temperature to each weather station for a whole month and assumed that this temperature applies also to a radius of 100 km around each weather station. The chosen temperature was the total average maximum and minimum temperatures measured at that station for a each month, the sum of the statistically unacceptable maximum/minimum averages.
They considered that could correlate each station figure with the next weather station. But their correlation coefficient was only 0.5 or lower. By subtractimg the average from stations in all latitude/longitude boxes from the average in each box they got an annual global temperature anomaly record. There is no mention of the very large inaccuracy figures that should accompany this exercise, or of the varying number and quality of the global weather stations, both currently and over time.
The IPCC has used the supposed trend of a measly few decimals of a degree of this concoction to prove that global warming is happening and will inevitably rise dangerously. Now it has broken down.

Equatorial Glaciers?---Yeah!

Author: Dr Klaus L.E. Kaiser on 08 Mar 2015

Think equator, the place on earth where each day has 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, no winter or summer seasons, just a tropical paradise on earth. Except for the higher elevations, where there are glaciers. Yes, real natural ice right there on the ground courtesy of Mother Nature. furtwangler glacier

Equatorial Glaciers

Let’s look at the glaciers near the earth’s equator and you’ll find some on each continent that straddles the equator, i.e. Asia, Africa, and South America. They are:

  • Carstensz Glacier, near the peak of Puncak Jaya, Indonesia, island of New Guinea;04°05’S, 137°11’E; elevation ~4,700 m.
  • Furtwängler Glacier (Mt. Kilimanjaro), Tanzania, Africa; 03°04.3’S, 37°21’E; elev. ~5,700 m.
  • Cayambe Glacier, Ecuador, South America; 0°00’N, 78°00’W; elevation ~5,000 m.

If you want to find them on Google Earth, just copy the bold coordinates (e.g., 04°05’S, 137°11’E) into the search field and it will take you right there. The screenshot (above) is taken from the satellite imagery of the Furtwängler Glacier, as available on Google Earth on Feb. 26, 2015. The information on the bottom of the image (not shown) says “Image © 2015 Digital Globe.”

Of course, climate alarmist prophecies predicted the Furtwängler Glacier to have long disappeared by now. After all, according to Wikipedia, its size was only six hectares in the year 2000. Surely, the additional umpteen ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere since then should have made it disappear entirely by now. What’s the hold-up?


LHC restart: 'We want to break physics'

Author: Jonathan Webb Science reporter, BBC News on 05 Mar 2015

As the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) gears up for its revamped second run, hurling particles together with more energy than ever before, physicists there are impatient. They want this next round of collisions to shake their discipline to its core. LHC

"I can't wait for the switch-on. We've been waiting since January 2013 to have our proton beams back," says Tara Shears, a particle physics professor from the University of Liverpool.

Prof Shears is raising her voice over the occasional noise of fork-lift trucks and tools, as well as the constant hum of the huge experimental apparatus behind her: LHCb, one of four collision points spaced around the LHC's 27km circumference.

All this noise reverberates because we are perched at the side of an imposing cavern, 30 storeys beneath the French-Swiss border.

The other three experiments - Atlas, CMS and Alice - occupy similar halls, buried elsewhere on this famous circular pipeline.


'First human' discovered in Ethiopia

Author: Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News on 04 Mar 2015

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans. The 2.8 million-year-old specimen )pictured right) is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged.  oldest human fossil

The discovery in Ethiopia suggests climate change spurred the transition from tree dweller to upright walker.

The head of the research team told BBC News that the find gives the first insight into "the most important transitions in human evolution".

Prof Brian Villmoare of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas said the discovery makes a clear link between an iconic 3.2 million-year-old hominin (human-like primate) discovered in the same area in 1974, called "Lucy".

Could Lucy's kind - which belonged to the species Australopithecus afarensis - have evolved into the very first primitive humans?

"That's what we are arguing," said Prof Villmoare.

But the fossil record between the time period when Lucy and her kin were alive and the emergence of Homo erectus (with its relatively large brain and humanlike body proportions) two million years ago is sparse.

The 2.8 million-year-old lower jawbone was found in the Ledi-Geraru research area, Afar Regional State, by Ethiopian student Chalachew Seyoum. He told BBC News that he was "stunned" when he saw the fossil.


Aussie Politicians Pressured to come Clean on Climate Fraud

Author: Dr Judy Ryan on 04 Mar 2015

As of March this year the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is under investigation for possible maladjustment of its data by an Independent Advisory Forum. The BoM scientists  say they follow Worlds Best Practice, but all over the world Meteorological Agencies are coming under scrutiny. BoM

The world will be watching Australia. The public submission by Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis to the Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt and the Technical Advisory Forum sets out the historical context which facilitated what the evidence is suggesting is a politically driven global scam.

Their submission emailed on 4th March 2015 was CC’d to more than 360 national and international media, political and other interested entities. It was BCC’d to many more. They find that the public email is a powerful tool and encourage others all over the world to use it.

Their letter is as follows:

Dear Minister Greg Hunt,

We are writing to thank you for organising an independent investigation of the Bureau of Meteorology’s data management practices.  We trust that you have received good advice and chosen independent and objective scientists and statisticians to be members of the Technical   Advisory Forum.

We have been very concerned about the advice you are receiving ever since we heard you stating publicly that you rely mainly on the advice from the CSIRO and the BoM.

Unfortunately, as the evidence indicates, scientific integrity in Australia’s once iconic institutions, such as the Bureau of Meteorology, (BoM) and our Universities has disintegrated.  The scientific ‘peer review’ has also collapsed.   For that reason we reference this document to robust evidence based internet sites. This includes Wikipedia, which in the discipline of climatology, is more robust. 

The evidence also indicates that the  human caused Global Warming hypothesis and its associated demonisation of carbon dioxide is a global scam.  It is driven by the desire for power by politicians, and money and prestige for the funded climate scientists.



Author: Steven Neill, on 02 Mar 2015

“Wind power is devastating populations of rare birds and bats across the world, driving some to the point of extinction." -Clive Hambler [1]  birds killed by turbines

Laced with lies and fueled by delusional dreams of a return to Shangri-La, modern environmentalists and green energy gurus are creating a crisis of epic proportions with the wholesale slaughter of birds and bats under the guise of fighting global warming. In their war to destroy affordable energy, modern environmentalists sacrifice birds and bats to the tune of tens of millions every year. The slaughter is so bad that in Germany, the yearly butchery of 200,000 bats is depleting the population up to 2,000 miles away.

When did the wholesale slaughter of birds and bats become acceptable to those sworn to save the earth? There is mounting evidence that many of these birds and bats are in danger of becoming extinct. Yet the western governments and the green energy zealots continue to ignore the body count and push for more wind mills and solar farms. Why will they not learn from history that you cannot continue to destroy nature and have it constantly rebound? Just like the central planners did to the Aral Sea in the 1950’s under Nikita Khrushchev, [2] we are creating an ecological disaster of epic proportions through deliberate choices, unintended consequences and just plain bad science.